blog summer english camp gredos dia

Day 5: Adventure Park!!

blog summer english camp gredos dia

All our campers woke up to a day of excitement as we were headed to the Adventure Park in the heart of the beautiful Gredos mountain range.

Everyone was divided into two teams and had the chance to practice their aim with archery and challenge themselves in the tree rope obstacle course. They showed no fear as they moved through the course with ease, even doing it a second time.

After the Adventure Park, we all hiked through the picturesque woods and stopped by the river to have a lunch of chicken sandwich and melon for dessert. Once they had finished everyone jumped into the cold water to snorkel and play ball games, and someone even found a blue lobster!

When all the children returned to the farmhouse they were exhausted but still ready to continue playing some games. This time it involved two teams and swimming noodles and the students ran around the field fighting each other first in teams and then a free-for-all.

Our campers ended the day with a dinner of vegetables and meat with yogurt for dessert. To end the day, all the children put on their pajamas and had a movie night on the big screen. It was the perfect finale to our day full of fun!