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Day 2: Swimming pool day!

Today started with the first English classes for the campers. The Rabbits took a fun quiz to guess information about their teacher. And they learnt all about reducing, reusing and recycling. They also earned their first coins playing games and a quiz.

The Ducklings played games to see who can remember each other’s names better and got to practice asking questions to their new classmates.

The Chipmunks learnt about their new teacher. In addition, they drew pictures of their classmates and played a bingo game related to likes and dislikes.

After class, everyone prepared to go to the swimming pool for the first time. The had a snack of hummus toast before heading out. Our brave campers plunged into the cold waters and had a great time playing with their friends and monitors and splashing around. Some students even got the chance to learn a little about the ukelele from one of the teachers (our fantastic Marissa).

Although pool time was cut short due to rain, that didn’t stop the kids from continuing the fun by playing games inside the farm house.